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Monday, November 24, 2014

We have one pretty big issue and we hope you can help.

When we create our test cases in SpiraTeam we link each test case to the associated requirement. 
After that we link the test cases to the correct release. 
We never link requirements to releases/iterations since some requirements can be tested in multiple releases. (For instance, in iteration 1.0 the test case failed, so we have to re-test this test case and linked requirement in iteration 1.1).

We discussed this issue before (in a help desk ticket), and now we saw v4.2 had implemented something that gave us hope:
Assigning a requirement to a release/iteration automatically associates any linked test cases

This however doesn't fix our problem. We would like the following:
Assigning a test case to a release/iteration automatically associates any linked requirements.

Do you know if this is something that's still meant to be implemented in a new version of Spira?

Also, we found a bug when trying out the new feature. When you link a requirement to a release, it does automatically link the test cases associated with that requirement (when you click the release you can see the test case in the "Test Cases tab"). But in the Release Overview it still says 'No Tests', while it's supposed to show a grey bar. It isn't until you execute the test case for it to show a green bar.

Thanks in advance for you help!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
re: MSchaap Monday, November 24, 2014
Hi Melissa,

In general, this is the procedure we recommend:
  • Link each requirement to the first release/iteration in which it is implemented. By design, a requirement can only be linked to one release. It is assumed that the requirement will be met in all later releases.
  • Link one or more test cases to each requirement.
  • Link each test case to one or more releases. While testing a particular release, normally you would run all of the test cases that cover newly implemented requirements. Then for the next release, you would oftentimes run only a subset of those test cases, for regression testing. Test cases can be linked to multiple releases.
The purpose of that recent enhancement that you mentioned was to make the linking of test cases and releases more streamlined and less error-prone, in the situation where test cases had been developed for a requirement, before it was assigned to a release.

You asked about Assigning a test case to a release/iteration automatically associates any linked requirements. With the current design of SpiraTeam, that is not possible, since test cases can be associated with multiple releases but requirements can only be associated with one release.

If you need more specific advice about how to use SpiraTeam for your particular business requirements, please log a help desk ticket.

As for the bug that you found, we know about it, and it is scheduled to be fixed in the next release. The problem is that the test coverage is not being refreshed when it should be. You can force it to be refreshed by refreshing the test status cache in Administration -> Projects -> Data Tools.


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