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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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Connection reset when creating a test case
36 views 1 replies
Im creating a test case via Rest and while i can see the test case is created in spirateam i get a connection reset in response to the rest call. I checked the event log and couldnt see any info in …
User Fields and User Management
72 views 1 replies
Weve noticed that: If you remove a user from a project then that user is removed from any User Fields (Author, Creator, Detected By, etc...) Deactivating a user does not conceal them from Project …
Connect to Azure database issue
152 views 1 replies
Hi, I want to install Spira 4.0.0 on windows 2016 server and it connect to an mssql database on azure, but I receive an error message: The database login you have chosen is not a system administrat…
Reinitialize Status for Cloned-Pasted Artifacts
119 views 1 replies
When we clone or paste artifacts, the Status of the original persists. Is there a way to do this that reinitializes the artifact Status to its workflow-defined default value? Thanks in advance, Wil…
Task Types customization on V4.1
1377 views 2 replies
Hello, could you please tell us if there is a way to add and/or customized the task types on SpiraTeam v4.1.0.4 Regards …
Email Notification to Testers
124 views 1 replies
Hello, Please how can I set up an email notification to testers when a test has been assigned to them i.e the testers should be notified that a test has been assigned to a tester. Thanks. …
'Developed' Requirement status not available with outstanding 'Testing' tasks
170 views 2 replies
I have created a number of requirements for a project in v5.4 and I would like to use the complete aspect of the requirements workflow for progress tracking and reporting. I can see that tasks have …
Freeze Column Headers?
156 views 1 replies
In the Grid View, is there a way to freeze the column headers so that when you scroll down theyre still visible? Thanks in advance, Will …
How can I copy or align workflows in different projects
2243 views 3 replies
At the beginning I had a single project and we defined some workflows for different incident types. In the meantiime I have much more projects, which have been based on the first one, but we learned …
2 Factor Authentication
176 views 1 replies
Hi Just out of curiosity... Is there a plan to implement 2-factor/multi-factor authentication in SpiraTeam. Maybe passcodes via sms or with an authentication-app (eg. google-authenticator) …
Modify Saved Filters
736 views 2 replies
Is it possible to modify a already saved filter? E.g. I use a saved filter, change the filter criteria in the grid and save it again with the existing name. Currently always a new saved filter will be…
JIRA Integration of Requirement with Sub-tasks
991 views 3 replies
We have an issue type called UserStory in JIRA. A User story can have subtasks of types : Acceptance Criteria, Design Element or Use Case The problem we have is that when we synch to SpiraTeam all…
Install Spira Team to a new server
420 views 2 replies
Hi, need a small help. I want to upgrade the old Spira, but on this server I can do it, because the DB has limitation. So first I installed a fresh Spira on new server connected to DB, next …
Plans to add the filtering capabilities to Project Membership?
236 views 2 replies
Are there any plans to add the filtering capabilities available on other pages to the project membership page? From an administrative point of view, it would be helpful to be able to filter on Depar…
Tracking Automated Testing Metrics
250 views 1 replies
If we want to start tracking the Number of false-fail and false-pass results for our automated test runs, what is the best way to do that? I was thinking of adding a Custom Field for Incidents ... …
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