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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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Referencing a requirement from another project
56 views 2 replies
Hi, I currently have two projects that share a similar requirement. eg one project creates an application for the generation of receipts, the other the generation of payments. Both would utilise a us...
How to retrieve test cases using folder id in spira 5.0
80 views 1 replies
Hi, I am trying to retrieve test cases using folder idRemoteTestCase[] remoteTestCases = spiraImportExport.TestCase_RetrieveByFolder(parentTetcaseFolderId, new List().ToArray(),new Remo...
SpiraTeam vs SpiraTest
43 views 1 replies
Your comparison charts https://www.inflectra.com/SpiraTeam/ProductComparison.aspx indicates that SpiraTest doesnt have Release and Itteration planning but I see that functionality in the trial version...
JIRA Integration of Requirement with Sub-tasks
54 views 1 replies
We have an issue type called UserStory in JIRA. A User story can have subtasks of types : Acceptance Criteria, Design Element or Use CaseThe problem we have is that when we synch to SpiraTeam all th...
SpiraTeam upgrade to failed: stop backup attachment database
60 views 1 replies
My company is running a server with SpiraTeam version 4.2. I would like to upgrade to version 5.0/5.1.When I try to run installer to upgrade to version 5.0 or 5.1, the installer report a fail and clos...
Mark requirement as "Obsolete" not possible
111 views 3 replies
Hi,I am trying to figure out how to make it visible in SpiraTeam that a requirement was needed/valid for a given release, lets say release 1, but is dropped/no longer valid for release 2. I believe th...
How create a Remote Test set using version5 API
103 views 2 replies
Hi Am trying to create remote test set using soap service version 5 am getting nullable exception while callingvar testSet = new RemoteTestSet() { Name = name, TestSetStatusId = 1, TestSetFolderId = p...
Can't tag a person while putting comments to any artifact
147 views 1 replies
I surprisingly could not find a way to tag a concerned person while putting comments to any requirement or testcase so that he/she can be notified automatically and take necessary action (like we have...
Accessing Spira test using rest web services in java
172 views 2 replies
Hi All,I am new to Spira test and its API. Can anyone help me with a sample java code which authenticates and does request and response using the Spira API.Also I am trying to do a maven repository se...
Test step screen captures saved to document root directory
2579 views 2 replies
This seems to be a change in 5.x. When executing a manual test case I sometimes paste in a capture of the application. These .png files now appear to be saved to the document root directory where ...
Requirement Test Coverage for test steps linked to requirements
155 views 1 replies
I'm wondering what I should be seeing for TestCoverage on a Requirement using this new feature? Ability to link test steps to requirements I have Test Step linked to Req_1 (pass)and Test Step 2 ...
How do I make the Detected Release field on the Incidents screen - NOT required
143 views 1 replies
How do I make the Detected Release field on the Incidents screen - NOT required? ...
Unable to Execute my automated Test scripts of Rapise with Spira Team
167 views 1 replies
H All, I have follows all the instruction written in 'Using Rapise with SpiraTest Guide.pdf' but still unable to execute the test scripts with Spira Team.Steps Followed:1) Connect with Spira Team se...
Spira Test - How about a Current Operations status window on Inflectras homepage
159 views 1 replies
We're not able to access Spira Test, and have reported this to the Support team.Last time Spira Test failed, we were not told, as Inflectra only (at the time) used Twitter to announce the break-...
Enhancement request regarding the Test Case and Step action bars
275 views 2 replies
Hi,I have been creating a pretty long test case with a repeated call to another test step with parameters. To do it quickly I use the "clone" step button a lot. However when the list got long, the o...
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