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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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After Upgrade to Test Cases are showing fields that are marked as hidden and disabled.
37 views 1 replies
We upgraded our instance of spirateam to today and we are seeing a couple of problems/questions 1. We dont want the Automation section to appear in our test cases. How do we get rid of it?…
Test Case doesn't exist in the system error
134 views 2 replies
I am trying to start a test run on a test set. When I try to execute the Test Set I select all or a single test case in the set but Spira pops up a Test Case ### doesnt exist in the system. The tes…
Google Sheets in Self-Hosted Environment
34 views 2 replies
Will google sheets work in a self-hosted environment that is not exposed outside of our network? When I use the proper URL/username/RSS token I get an error message: Network error. Please check your …
TestNG integration with SpiraTeam - Pass the results from methods in test case steps
57 views 2 replies
Hi. I am working on an integration of my automation tests with SpiraTeam. I managed to make it work up until the point where Eclipse reports the results back to SpiraTeam. I followed this documentat…
Unable to report incident from Jenkins when a test failed
65 views 1 replies
Im running selenium tests from Jenkins and whenever a test fails i assume Spirateam will log an incident. But i dont see it is happening. Please let me know where im going wrong. I have installed Sp…
Add Subscribe Button Option to Releases
89 views 1 replies
Id like to vote to have a Subscribe button added to the Release Detail page. We track changes mostly through releases, so it would be helpful to be notified of changes to this artifact. …
Incident “Back-Dating” and how best to handle
84 views 1 replies
We have manual testing sessions using printed sheets and defects from these sessions may not be logged into SpiraTeam until the next day. However, we would like SpiraTeam to show the correct date th…
Email Notification on Incident Change - token for author of change
672 views 2 replies
Hi I try to customize the notification template for incident change to include the author of the change. I would like to have a a message like Incident ${Name} in project "${ProjectName}" has…
Getting all SpiraTeam project testcases using WebServices
1810 views 8 replies
A. I am new to webservice development. B. Does someone have an example on how I can use Webservices to get all of a projects test cases in the order they are listed in the project and get all the …
Issues with synchronizing SpiraTeam and Jira using Desktop DataSync
104 views 1 replies
I am using Spira Desktop DataSync to synchronize the SpiraTeam server with Jira. When I start synchronization on the desktop application, it shows that it finds the plug in but then gives me this err…
How do I edit my folders? How do I associate an owner with folders?
148 views 2 replies
Ive created multiple folders under the root folder, but none can be edited. No editing buttons are displayed. Test cases in the folder can be associated with a person, but they will not appear in the…
Reinstate customizing the sort order of Test Folders and Test Cases
119 views 1 replies
I would like Inflectra to reinstate the functionality in SpiraTeam for customizing the sort order of Test Folders and Test Cases. Our government agency has used on-premise SpiraTeam since 2009. We w…
Need Help to execute Automated test from Spira.
130 views 2 replies
I am using a Trail version of Spira Remote Launch. I have a test case in C# and want to execute through Spira. I have gone through the following Documents : https://www.inflectra.com/Documents/Spi…
How to massively modify RQ associations?
106 views 1 replies
Hello, Im going to modify our RQ organisation in order to centralize several types of RQ in one project instead of multiple: We have currently for each projects RQ project (stories....), RQ busines…
Projects associations, releases
181 views 1 replies
Hi! Again ) During the development planning process, we needed to merge tasks, incidents and releases into one separate project because of the scale of the project itself. We added links for item ty…
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