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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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How do I edit my folders? How do I associate an owner with folders?
35 views 0 replies
Ive created multiple folders under the root folder, but none can be edited. No editing buttons are displayed. Test cases in the folder can be associated with a person, but they will not appear in the…
How to massively modify RQ associations?
46 views 1 replies
Hello, Im going to modify our RQ organisation in order to centralize several types of RQ in one project instead of multiple: We have currently for each projects RQ project (stories....), RQ busines…
Projects associations, releases
82 views 1 replies
Hi! Again ) During the development planning process, we needed to merge tasks, incidents and releases into one separate project because of the scale of the project itself. We added links for item ty…
Moving between Project Groups issue
205 views 2 replies
Hi! Weve faced with a problem when using SpiraTeam (Version Steps to reproduce: 1) Go to any Project Group Home Page 2) Open the global navigation of Projects and Project Groups and click…
Spira connection from Excel add-ins
127 views 2 replies
Hello everyone, I installed the Excel add-ins for Spira (downloaded from inflectra website) in order to import test data in Excel, and then export them to ALM to migrate our test management tool. W…
Export Workflows to another Project
323 views 2 replies
I have an enhancement request. We are fairly new to SpiraTeam (4 months in) and we are continuing to learn and evolve our processes. With that comes updating workflows. This is a painful process. …
Object Reference error message when trying to upload test runs in Spirateam
187 views 1 replies
Hello, Im having trouble uploading test runs in Spirateam. Ive imported the test runs from Spirateam and when i attempt to upload them after changing the status from the dropdown it throws an…
Agile projects need enhancement in SpiraTest
210 views 1 replies
Hi Were swiftly moving towards doing agile projects all the time. This presents a number of problems with SpiraTest. There is no accomodation af the requirement-artefacts used in Agile processes - …
New incident created has "Test Run" steps in Description
3711 views 6 replies
Hello I have just noticed that some of the incidents which my project user created in Spira Team, the Description section was pre-populated with "Test Run Steps" in addition to "Description", …
Verified Release not included in Excel Template?
261 views 1 replies
Hello everyone, Im just trying to export our Issues from SpiraTeam to the Export/Import Excel, but there is no column for the Verified Release?! Is this intended or is this information saved somewhe…
Get direct link from requirement ID
257 views 1 replies
Hello, In order to create links to my spirateam server, it would be practical to get an easy construction for requirements links (and maybe other documents) : at the moment , the link to a requir…
GIT integration
721 views 3 replies
Hi Adam, With GIT integration will it be possible to see the source version changes from within Spira Team? Is there a script available to enforce specification of Task ID during …
Author vs Owner
526 views 1 replies
Hi, I didnt find any descriptions from documentation, but based on User Manual it seems Owner is the person who is expected to do something at current workflow step. I guess Author is then th…
Re-Sync Release version and name from Jira.
283 views 1 replies
Hi. The project manager at my firm have changes the release versions and names of all the releases in the Jira project. I have noticed that this change in Jira is not syncing with Spira. I have trie…
Possible improvement for searching artifacts by adding associations
241 views 1 replies
Hello, from former versions i got used to add associatons with searching artifacts by their IDs without typing any prefixes. It would be great if the system offers me the artifact by writing 2000 i…
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