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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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Author vs Owner
31 views 0 replies
Hi, I didnt find any descriptions from documentation, but based on User Manual it seems Owner is the person who is expected to do something at current workflow step. I guess Author is then the person ...
Re-Sync Release version and name from Jira.
37 views 1 replies
Hi.The project manager at my firm have changes the release versions and names of all the releases in the Jira project.I have noticed that this change in Jira is not syncing with Spira. I have tried fo...
Possible improvement for searching artifacts by adding associations
24 views 1 replies
Hello,from former versions i got used to add associatons with searching artifacts by their IDs without typing any prefixes.It would be great if the system offers me the artifact by writing 2000 in the...
Requirements Package versus Feature
99 views 2 replies
Hi - Our Qa just made a new document that uses requirements types of Package versus Feature - The only way i can find to make a package is to indent sub requirements. However I can not indent as when...
Customization of reporting templates and access rights
373 views 1 replies
Hello, We have several teams working on different project in Spira portal. Each team would like to have their customized templates. They of course want to develop and test their template in prior of ...
SpiraTeam Integration with Jira not working
125 views 5 replies
Hi All,We are trying to integrate Spira with Jira. Followed the instructions in the SpiraTestPlanTeam External Bug Tracking Integration Guide.pdf. Getting the below 2 errors: 1) General Error: Web Ex...
Alternative location for \Attachments folder
164 views 1 replies
Hi, is it possible to set Attachments folder to other location than the default: c:\Program Files (x86)\SpiraTest\Attachment I need to store the attachments somewhere else. The c: drive is already ful...
Possibility to show custom properties depending on other custom properties
365 views 1 replies
Hello,Id like to know if its possible to have constrains between different custom properties and when they are showing, e.g. if Ive selected a certain component one set of custom properties shows up, ...
Automatic association to artifacts
357 views 1 replies
Hello,Im looking for functionality of auto referencing artifacts when adding comment, by entering special prefix, ie. [RQ:111]. This could result in autoreferencing artifcats and objects and simplifie...
SpiraTeam (on-site) integration with TFS 2017 Build Server
243 views 1 replies
Hi,I installed the SpiraTeam build plug-in for TFS, configured the bots section of the configuration file, and restarted all my web services in IIS. The problem is that I can not view any build resul...
Data Sync with TFS still does not work
789 views 2 replies
I copied MsTfsDataSync.dll to SpiraTeam's bin folder and I got error message [BadImageFormatException: Could not load file or assembly 'MsTfsDataSync' or one of its dependencies. An attempt...
How to Use Reusable Automated Scripts
229 views 1 replies
I want to be able to create an automated test case using a reusable test script. So lets say I have 3 test cases where the Login and Create new Item steps are all the same(just different input values...
pictures (screenshots) pasting in Expected Result
386 views 6 replies
Hi,is it possible in Spiratest, to include screenshots in Expected Result and/or Sampe Data section. I know there is Add Image possibility, but this requires entering an URL to an image. This is not ...
Error: The passed in report ID or report format ID does not exist.
207 views 1 replies
I am getting the error The passed in report ID or report format ID does not exist. I noticed that I am getting this for requirements where the description field is blank but if I hover over the link ...
How to make a field required in an incident workflow?
218 views 1 replies
I created an incident workflow and set it to Active and Default. I want to make the Component field mandatory when Step is New. I did the following steps but the Component field is still not mandato...
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