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General discussions surrounding the use of SpiraTeam. This is appropriate forum for posting questions and issues to the user community. There are additional separate forums for the different plugs and downloads that integrate with SpiraTeam.

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Adding Page-Breaks in PDF report output format
1198 views 2 replies
Is it possible to add a page-break tag/style into the stylesheet, that is creating a page break in the PDF output? For output as word document the following works, but unfortunately not for the PDF ou…
Exporting Requirements & Test Cases to Another Project
587 views 2 replies
When exporting requirements or test cases to another project, is it possible to include the associated test cases as well, so that they do not have to be copied and relinked?…
Pending Test runs
81 views 3 replies
Hi there, We are looking for a way to configure the Pending Test Runs widget on My page. The issue is that it provides very minimal fields and doesnt show the majority of the test case names. Test…
Please find a more intuitive placement of buttons in test case details view
59 views 1 replies
When I scroll down to the steps section of the test case details view the row/ribbon of buttons are always visible at the top of the screen. While writing steps in a test case it is extremely easy t…
Cannot add or access attachments
73 views 1 replies
Im not sure quite when this began but most likely after our migration from version 4 of Spiratest to version 5 as we had some issues migrating the database. We are currently using v5.4.0.1 and I can…
Requirements Status field will not display multiple options selected in the list
56 views 1 replies
When I am looking at the Requirements list in SpiraTeam, I click on the Status header and select Requested, Planned and In Progress. But, Rejected also displays in my list. Not sure if this is an i…
Importing project plan to tasks
70 views 1 replies
In our company we are using RationalPlan instead of MS Project. See https://www.rationalplan.com/on-premise/ The software can generate XML file for MS Project compatibility if needed. How can I i…
Selecting multiple requirements for a task
72 views 1 replies
In our company we have rather comprehensive requirements specs that run into hundreds (or even thousands!) of entries. When I am trying to assign requirements to a task, I usually need to select mor…
Cannot add User
77 views 1 replies
Dear Support, I cannot add a user. I have installed SpiraTeam 5.4.3. v …
SpiraTeam - login history
109 views 3 replies
Hello, I need to create list of users with information when they were logged in for the last time. Could you please tell me where i can find this option? Tomasz …
Spira authentification: OKTA
66 views 1 replies
Hello Teams, have you planned to add the OKTA authentification integration on you Roadmap? Best Regards …
Reinstate customizing the sort order of Test Folders and Test Cases
416 views 2 replies
I would like Inflectra to reinstate the functionality in SpiraTeam for customizing the sort order of Test Folders and Test Cases. Our government agency has used on-premise SpiraTeam since 2009. We w…
Visual Studio Integration
130 views 2 replies
Hi there, Are there any plans for the visual studio integration to be made compatible with VS2017? Cheers Adam …
Export a single report(document) which have all the Requirements and the Tasks details under each requirement.
173 views 2 replies
Is there any possibility of same in SpiraTeam? Basically what Im looking for is, A single document which shows all the Requirements & the Tasks under each requirement. Cheers | Neelkanth Sach…
Issues with synchronizing SpiraTeam and Jira using Desktop DataSync
421 views 4 replies
I am using Spira Desktop DataSync to synchronize the SpiraTeam server with Jira. When I start synchronization on the desktop application, it shows that it finds the plug in but then gives me this err…
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