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Thursday, May 12, 2016
Is there some documentation showing which actions are governed by which permissions. My role is developer, but we're a very small organization, so I'll be doing a lot of manager tasks. But I don't want to just go in and make myself a manager.  For example, I wanted to create an Incident. It was easy enough to figure out the I needed to grant Create Incident permission to the Developer role. Then I tried to assign that incident to a release. The incidents are grayed-out on the planning board. Which permission to I need to allow that action? Am I modifying the Incident, the Release, or both? Or is this governed by a workflow permission, and if so, which one? I realize that everything is configurable, but a flow diagram showing how the default workflows are configured as well as their associated permissions would be very helpful.
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Friday, May 13, 2016
re: scott.kassan Thursday, May 12, 2016
Hi Scott

In this case you probably need to have Release modify permissions as well. Operations that involve multiple artifacts can be complex because depending on the nature of the change being made you may need to have permission to modify one or both artifact types (release, incident, etc.). The workflow doesn't play a role in this if that helps.



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