Error sending results to SpiraTest server

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
I am getting the following error when running a TestNG test in conjuction with SpiraTestListener. Any body please help me fix the issue.

Error sending results to SpiraTest server (Failed to access the WSDL at: http://*****/SpiraTest/Login.aspx/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL. It failed with:
    Invalid WSDL http://*****/Login.aspx/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL, expected {}definitions found {}html at (lineLine number = 4
Column number = 85
System Id = http://*******/SpiraTest/Login.aspx/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL
Public Id = null
Location Uri= http://********/SpiraTest/Login.aspx/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL/Services/v3_0/ImportExport.svc?WSDL
CharacterOffset = 211

0 test results were successfully transmitted to SpiraTest (1 errors) (0 not configured).

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015
re: kashi.anaganti Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hi Kashi

If you don't hear from anyone, please feel free to log a help desk ticket.



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