Several Test Sets with the same test cases are mimicking the results of steps on other sets share by other users.

Monday, October 8, 2018

We are using a cloud install of SpiraTest.  \

We are migration testing data from legacy systems to a new EHR.  Having problems with behavior of the test steps. 
We are reviewing 200 patients that 6 people are splitting up.
We made a Test Set of 11 test cases (different types of data)  that were copied from old completed (run) test cases of a smaller sample.
When these were copied (Maybe cloned) the results came with them forcing us to clone every step and delete the steps that were showing as run, leaving "not run' steps.
Once these were all cleaned up, we created the set of all 11 cases.  From that we copied/pasted the Test Set into a folder for each of the 6 people testing.  
Then each person is copy/pasting the "clean" set for each patient they are checking (adding their ID to the set).

Problem:  When 1 person executes a test case from one of their sets, the results are becoming the visible results of all of the test sets.  So if I test 14 steps of a test case for allergies, another testers test case for allergies they haven't touched will open as if tested with the same test results.
What have we done wrong?  How can I fix it?

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
re: durfwood Monday, October 8, 2018

Hi Durf,

Please can you log a help desk ticket and include some screenshots so that we can see exactly what path your testers are taking? That will help us identify what is going on. It's not possible just from the description in the forums to know.



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