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Tuesday, December 4, 2018



we are currently trying to configure TestSpira  LDAP server settings. I've found this  LDAP Configuration document which describes the process, but something seems to be still missing. The challenge is I merely operate as a messenger, I do not have the actual rights to try different settings.


What we currently know is that the firewalls should have been correctly opened and we should have the the correct configurations:

LDAP host: address and port number we have been given by the administrator

SSL: Tried both on and off

Port: Tried both 389 and 636

Base DN: uid=spirauser,ou=admin,dc=[company name omitted],dc=fi // To my understanding this is the user created for TestSpira

Bind DN: Empty

Bind password: Password for the "spirauser"


Despite of these, we are not able to successfully connect to the server.

Is there something anyone could suggest we could still try?


My own (still untested) ideas are as follows:

1) There are multiple sources saying that defining the user with UID instead of CN results into different primary keys. Could this be an issue here, although the user was specifically created with UID.

2) By reading the previously mentioned documentation it doesn't state that the Bind DN is a mandatory field, but I got the impression that the created user should be in "Bind DN" field rather than in "Base DN" field.  Documentation describes Base DN as the root node and Bind DN as the user to log in with. We specifically do not want to use the anonymous user, but a valid user with username and password.

So we should specify the Base DN as something else and swap the user into the Bind DN field?




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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
re: samisuikki Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hi Sami

 I would recommend logging a help desk ticket for this.

Troubleshooting LDAP is tricky and the forums are probably not the best place for this!



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