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Monday, April 15, 2019

I'm building a plugin to sync between Jira and SpiraTest using the REST API.  (Similar to https://github.com/Inflectra/spira5_jira-datasync).

One of the requirements is to create an Jira external link when a Test Case is associated as a Requirement Coverage.

1) .  Ideally, I would call to call an API to check when this event occurs after a certain date.   I can query Test Cases for LastUpdate but LastUpdate does not change when an association is created.  Is there a way to do this query?

2) .   I'm trying to use this endpoint 'projects/{project_id}/associations/{artifact_type_id}/{artifact_id}'  to get associations between Requirements and Test Cases I'm getting an empty array.

 • I tried  `projects/{project_id}/associations/{requirement_artifact_type_id}/{requirement_id}`

 • I tried  `projects/{project_id}/associations/{test_case_artifact_type_id}/{test_case_id}`

Does this endpoint work with Test Cases and Requirement Associations?

Note:   This endpoint works:  'projects/{project_id}/requirements/{requirement_id}/test-cases'  to show the relationship.    But if I don't find an answer to question 1.  I have to query for all Requirements and hit this endpoint for each Requirement every time I need to sync.  

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019
re: david.villarama Monday, April 15, 2019

Hi David,

I'm afraid that specific endpoint is only for items that show up in the Associations tab in the UI, so it would be:

  • requirements - requirements
  • requirements - incidents
  • incidents - requirements
  • incidents - incidents

But not items in the Test Coverage tab.

For that you would need to use the: projects/{project_id}/requirements/{requirement_id}/test-cases




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