Spiraest does not add test cases to test sets as a unique instan

Monday, September 23, 2019

The test approach at my company is to re-use test cases as much as possible across releases.  As such there are a number of "generic" tests which can be used multiple times in a test event.  However, when the tests are added to a test set they are not added as a unique instance and are added to the test set with previous status.  This is obviously not ok as all tests should be initialised with a status of "no run" and be a unique instance or reporting is completely wrong.

Is there a way in Spiratest of adding a "re-usable" test case to a test set as a unique instance?  

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Monday, September 23, 2019
re: pcraig Monday, September 23, 2019

Dear Paula

Thanks for the question. I am a little unsure if I know exactly what you are seeing in the application. 

You are indeed correct, that when you add a test case to a test set you are adding a kind of link to the test case - if you change the test case and then run the test set, the test set run will pick up on those changes.

However, when you add a test case to a test set, its execution status should be shown as NOT RUN - see screenshots below - the first shows the test case by itself, which has been executed before, and the second shows the test case just added to a brand new test set - and it has a "not run" execution status and no last executed date.

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