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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Hi, I am very new to SpiraTest and the SQL world, I do apologize in advance if ask a silly question :) 

Our  "Run Test Summary" has 52000 tables for Project #195 and it takes almost 6-7 hours for the excel file to be ready for download and viewing.

Looking at the SQL server, it is receiving "select top (50) per batch and I guess it be could be the issue as it is taking so long?  When I query on SQL server for Select TOP (52000),  it generates the report in 15 seconds. 

My question is, how we change the configuration/codes on SpiraTest software to send a higher number of batches instead of 50?  I want to change it to Let's 5000 or 10000.    Is it something that can be done in SQL configuration or via we need to edit code in SpiraTest software? 

In short, If I send to generate a report via a web browser, then it selects SELECT TOP (50) and it takes 6-8 hours but if I directly run on SQL by changing to SELECT TOP (52000)  it takes 15 seconds to generate the report.

I have tested it on Spiratest 6.6.1,  and 6.7 and on a 2x32Cores/128GB ram dedicated server. It does not seem to be a hardware issue but Spiratest codes.   anyone can help thanks? 

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Thursday, December 17, 2020
re: GoodGuy Wednesday, December 16, 2020


If smaller queries are taking longer than a larger one, that could be the sign that your database table (or the indexes related) are fragmented. The application does the batches in small queries to prevent the computing power being pulled from other users that may be using the application's front end on the same webserver. At this time, there is no way to adjust how many the application requests per loop from the SQL Server.

Please note, too, that as well as taking smaller batches, the thread priority is also dropped to 6 or 4 (Low Priority / Background Process) for the same reason as stated above, to prevent a large-running report from causing all the other live users to experience slowness.

At this time, we would recommend you rebuild indexes, and defrag any tables and database filegroups to see if that helps.



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