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Friday, February 17, 2012


We are currently evaluating SpiraTest to make sure it is the product we want to use, and have come across a few issues that may be bugs or may just be consequences of a design strategy that are different from what we are used to or expect. 
The main problem is that these issues makes me doubt what I'm looking at.

1. I can add test cases to a release, so why canGÇÖt I add test sets to a release?
What is the philosophy behind adding test cases to a release but having to execute test sets?


2. Test coverage column in release list says GÇ£No testsGÇ¥, but the Test Runs tab on the release contains a passed test run.  Clear Filter and Refresh makes no difference.
What I did was execute a test set and specify the release.

3. List of testcase under Testing -> TestCases seems to be a little weird when selecting a release.
When selecting the release that says GÇ£No testsGÇ¥, some of the folders in the test case list disappears.
When selecting another release they are shown.
When selecting GÇ£All releasesGÇ¥ they are shown.

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Monday, February 27, 2012
re: mbp Friday, February 17, 2012
1) You can specify the target release for a test set by going to Testing > Test Sets, click on Show/Hide Columns and display the Release column.
The idea of mapping test cases to releases is so that you can plan for each release, which test cases in the repository need to be executed for the specific release.

2) You probably need to go to Testing > Test Cases, select the test case(s) and add them to the appropriate release.

3) This is normal. To avoid having lots of empty folders fill up the screen, we hide folders that don't contain any test cases that match the selected release.

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