TestRun_Save code samples? How to save an array of TestRun results?

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Hello, I am using SOAP to save a list of TestRun results. The WSDL is retrieved from here:

The WSDL seems fine. But it does not contain the call sequence I need to learn to get the job done. When I tried TestRun_Save method I got an error that I need to call Connection_Authenticate first. The RemoteTestRunStep object requires many things I do not have, TestCaseId, TestRunId, TestRunStepId, TestStepId. Can someone give me some idea how many steps I should follow?

Step 1, call Connection_Authenticate

Step 2, setup TestCaseId, TestRunId, TestRunStepId, TestStepId for Spira to understand??? how do I do it

Step 3. call TestRunSave and pass in a list of RemoteTestRunStep objects as input parameters

Thank you for your help

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Thursday, February 6, 2014
re: byuan Thursday, February 6, 2014
Hello, SpiraTest support team, 

Here is my best guess. Let me know if this would work. I am using WSDL here: https://www.inflectra.com/SpiraDemo/Services/v4_0/ImportExport.aspx

Step 1. Call Connection_Authenticate

Step 2. Call AutomationHost_Create to create the host, it returns a token for the host (what is the difference between automaited host and manual host???)

Step 3. Call TestRun_CreateForAutomatedTestSet the input is the host token I got from step 2, plus a test set id. Can I assign a random id for test set id, or I have to get it from SpiraTest?
The method returns a bunch of RemoteAutomatedTestRun which includes TestCaseId, TestRunId, TestRunStepId

Step 4, I will collect the test results from my system then call TestRun_Save to pass in identifiers I obtained from step 2 and 3

Thank you again.

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