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Anti-virus software is very sensitive to test automation tools. This is normal, because test automation tools usually do API, keyboard and mouse hooking to be able to record and playback user actions.

Test automation tools look for what you are doing with your application and remember your interactions. Some virus programs do the same. So, to avoid conflicts between anti-virus software and Rapise it is recommended to uninstall all anti-virus programs on a computer that you are going to use for test development and execution. Just not run unknown programs downloaded from public internet locations and be sure that you are behind firewall and this will ensure reasonable protection for your test development and execution computer.

A lot of antivirus software have the "disable" option. But disabling the antivirus options often doesn't mean stop all the antivirus activity. This is the reason we recommend to completely uninstall the AV software.

For example in Windows Defender you may see this:


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