Inflectra Customer Account

This is the place where you manage your purchased downloads, licenses and cloud subscriptions. You access it by clicking on the Log In hyperlink in the top-right of the website:

This takes you to the customer account area. Each Inflectra customer account can have two account members with different email addresses, a billing contact and a shipping contact:

The logins for the Inflectra customer accounts are email addresses and you can change your password and reset it automatically if you forget it.

Inflectra Support Account

This is the place where you can log help desk tickets, read support KB articles and also create a new discussion thread on our company support forums.

You can access this page by going to the Support section of the Inflectra website:

You will be taken to the Inflectra Support dashboard:

From there, you can click on the Sign In link in the top-right:

Once you have signed-in, you will see the option to create new tickets and see any existing open tickets you have  with us:

The logins for the support site are usually NOT email addresses but actual login names. These logins are not the same as the Inflectra customer logins.

Why Do We Have Different Logins

We have two separate logins because:

  • We use two different systems. Our website is a special application written to manage license keys, cloud subscriptions, marketing and customer relationships. Our support system is an instance of KronoDesk.
  • A company will have a billing and technical contact for managing the account, but many of the people who log support tickets are end users in different offices and therefore they don't need to be the primary customer user.

However we are planning an integration in the future between the two so that existing customers will be able to use that login in our support system, and can use that to create other support accounts.