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Frequently Asked Questions About Inflectra Support

We often get asked by our customers about the types and level of support we provide, as well as details on how we host their information (for cloud customers). This article provides an overview of our support, cloud hosting and the option to deploy on-premise.

Using Zoom/GoToMeeting for Support Session

Learn how to connect to a support session and how to enable Rapise Expert to remotely control your Rapise instance.

Inflectra Support Plans and Policies

Outstanding support is the foundation of our company, and we want your experience with our products to be exceptional from the start. We dedicate more than half our technical resources to support, and we make support a priority over all other work.

To ensure your satisfaction, we provide one year of product support FREE with every on-premise software purchase and unlimited support with every cloud subscription, which guarantees you access to our knowledge base, helpdesk and phone support.

Where Does Rapise Log Errors?

Sometimes when you are using Rapise, you see an error on the screen, or something doesn't work as expected. In that case, our support team will need a copy of the log file that is likely to contain the error message. This article explains how to get that log file.

Exporting Event Logs for Support

This article describes how to export server Event Logs when requested by support.

Inflectra Account vs Inflectra Support Account

We get questions from users sometimes where they get confused between their Inflectra customer account and their Inflectra support account. This article provides some clarity.

Useful Tools to Help Reporting Support Enquiries
When you log a help desk ticket, to help ensure a speedy resolution, it is important to provide as much information as possible. This article provides some general guidelines and useful tools when reporting issues or enquiries to us.