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Sometimes when you are using Rapise, you see an error on the screen, or something doesn't work as expected. In that case, our support team will need a copy of the log file that is likely to contain the error message. This article explains how to get that log file.

Finding the Rapise Logs

The primary logs for Rapise can be found in the following location:


If you open up that folder, you will see a text file containing the logs:

Sending the Logs to Inflectra

To ensure we don't get false data in the logs, we recommend the following process:

  1. Delete the rapise_ide.log file
  2. Repeat the action in Rapise that gave the error or did not appear to work correctly
  3. Wait for the rapise_ide.log file to be written
  4. Email that file to or log a support ticket and attach the file.



Selected files will be attached to any email sent on saving ticket.

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