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How to wait for Web element to disappear from screen

Rapise has built-in function Navigator.DoWaitFor to wait for object to appear. If you need to do the opposite add the following function into your User.js.

How to deal with custom UI Automation controls

This article is for those who test a desktop application via  UI Automation library.  Since desktop applications are frequently built using UI controls from different vendors  and the number of such controls available on the market is pretty big (> 1k)  - Rapise may not have out-of-the-box support for some controls in your application.  For such cases Rapise offers a low level API to navigate UI Automation tree of elements inside an application and read/write element properties. In this tutorial we'll show how to use this API and quickly add minimal support for a custom control.

How to check if web element is really visible on screen

Checking if element is visible on screen may be a tricky task. It's usually not a problem in manual testing but there are nuances when you do test automation.