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Running nightly tests with RapiseLauncher on VM with RDP

It is common to use UI tests with RDP connected to remote VM. By default this works only while RDP window is open and client is connected. On disconnect remote session gets locked and UI becomes unavailable for the test. This topic covers a workaround.

Fix DPI scaling for RDP connections to Windows VMs

If you connect to a Windows VM via RDP and see that all fonts are very small and it is hard to read text on screen then this article is for you.  If you can access the VM without RDP then you may change scaling via Display Settings in Windows and thus make text larger. But if this VM is Azure or AWS hosted VM then you may see a message: the display settings can't be changed from a remote session.

Rapise and Citrix/RDP

We are getting a lot of questions on how to use Rapise with Citrix and remotely accessed VMs . Here is the answer.

Executing Under a VM or Remote Desktop

Sometimes you need to test an application running on a VM or remote computer using Remote Desktop (RDP) rather than a physical terminal. This guide explains how to ensure that Rapise is able to correctly fire events on the application under test.