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How to Change Web Application Name in IIS

Spira (SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan) and KronoDesk all use the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) web server. A common need is to be able to change the IIS application name / virtual directory. For example, you may need to rename "SpiraTest" to "SpiraTeam" after you have upgraded your edition.

Web Server Performance - IIS Worker Process Current Requests

Most on-premise Spira and KronoDesk installations will be using the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Server to serve the application to users.  If you are experiencing performance problems or slow page load times (and you cannot move to our cloud version), this article will help you troubleshoot IIS worker process requests.

Building a Spira Web Farm with IIS Servers

This document contains an overview of how to setup and configure SpiraTest, SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan in a load balanced web farm scenario. It contains links to additional information from Microsoft, and community resources related to the scenario.

Increasing the Maximum Upload File Size in IIS

By default, IIS web server allows for limited file size to be uploaded to the web server. For IIS 6 and IIS 7, the default maximum file upload size is 4 MB and 28.6 MB respectively. IIS 7 returns a 404 error (HTTP Error 404.13 - CONTENT_LENGTH_TOO_LARGE) if someone uploads something larger than 30MB. In order to allow for larger file size uploads, a few server changes are required.