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Export testcases from excel to Spirateam
Hi, I have downloaded both Spirateam excel template and the corresponding excel addin to upload...
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Exporting test cases to Excel
Hi, Is it possible to export only the currently filtered test cases to Excel file instead of...
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Need shortcut to insert link to a test cases
Hi, I have difficulty in inserting a same link to the multiple test cases. Please let me know if...
Custom report of test cases linked to incidents
A customer asked how to write a custom Entity SQL report that displayed: Incident ID Incident St...
Exported Test Cases order is not as Test Case ID in Excel
Hi Team, Please help me in this Issue,When i exported the Test Cases to Excel using Export to Exc...
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Custom Report or Graph with Test Cases by Program
Hi, I am trying to find a way to show All test cases by Project and Status. I looked in the the bu...
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SPIRA Test case - Restricted view
Hi, How to provide restricted access/View to Test cases in SPIRA. We do not want all test cases to...
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Test Cases - Replicate the command bar below the Test Steps
Usability Suggestion: While in a single test case, it would be useful to replicate the command ...
Test Cases list view
Is it possible to see all test cases in a tree view like the requirements? In Version 4.x this was ...
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Pass parameters to Test Case : Insert at Cursor not operational
Hi Inflectra, I am using Spirateam version and I am facing problems in inserting Paramete...
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