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Project Backup and Migration Tool as command line version
Hi, is it possible to use the Project Backup and Migration tool with command line options instead ...
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Test Cases which involve multiple software projects
We have what we believe o be a very common situation: a server which provides various REST APIs ...
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How are release/iteration effort fields calculated? (Plan, Task, Actual, Remaining, Projected, Available)
Would you please confirm or correct the following table about how the release/iteration effort fie...
Report Displaying Projects, Project Groups and Releases
We had a request from a customer looking for a custom report with the following information: We ...
Project copy problems
Hi, I'm currently encountering some problems on the project copy. My settings are : SpiraTest 4...
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Documents Across Multiple Projects
Hi I am trying to work out if it is possible to pull off a list of all document names over a...
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Moving between Project Groups issue
Hi! Weve faced with a problem when using SpiraTeam (Version Steps to reproduce: 1) Go t...
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Mappings between Requirements & Tasks lost when copying between projects
Hi, I have a challenge relating to mappings between artefacts being lost when moving acro...
Archiving and project status inactive
Hi. What are the benefits of setting a project as inactive? Is not visible in search results? I...
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