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What format do oHow do you call another test
Hi, How do you format the excel sheet so that I can call other tests? Right now, after importi...
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Imported Test Sets dont show linked Test Cases
Imported Test Sets using the office addin and the Excel template and then assigned test cases...
Creating cutsom template for testcase description fields
This is basically a reinquiry of the question posed in the following thread 3 years ago: https:/...
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Custom Report Formatting and Styles
Im converting a manual test report into a custom report in SpiraTest. Ive had some success with get...
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Spira 6.0: New Product based on another Product or Template?
Here is an excerpt from the 6.0 Admin Guide that I am finding confusing: decide what to base the ...
Change template of an existing product
We recently upgraded SpiraTest to version6. Can an existing Product A use another existing Product...
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