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SpiraPlan - quick start guide, I can not perform the demo
SpiraPlan - quick start guide, I can not perform the demo I m following the demo based od th...
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How should we handle Task predecessors/prerequisites
We have seen that a task can have a start date and an end date and a relationship to a requirement. ...
How are release/iteration effort fields calculated? (Plan, Task, Actual, Remaining, Projected, Available)
Would you please confirm or correct the following table about how the release/iteration effort fie...
Can "Auto-Create Tasks" be customized to create more than one task?
Has anyone found a way to customize a project under Planning -> Planning Options such that multipl...
Enhancement Request: Add label "Unssigned Items" above the lower section of the "Planning > Iterations" page
This is a minor enhancement request, but one that is especially important for people just trying t...
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Impossible to change requirement status (workflow ok)
Hello, I tried to change the status of a requirement ticket from one status Developed to another Re...
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Test Case Cumulative Progress - Planned Vs Actuals
For a given release and sprint how can planned dates be added to the Test Case Cumulative Progress ...
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