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Best Practices in API Testing

The move to cloud computing has highlighted the importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). With the rise in cloud applications and interconnect platforms, API testing is a necessity. However what makes a good API? What happens when you change the application but need to support existing users of the API?

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Why We're Adamant About API Versioning

As we're wrapping up the final testing of SpiraTeam v5.0 we're adding the documentation and testing the new v5.0 API. This API will be available in both REST and SOAP options. This reminds us of why we're adamant about the need to version the API and not resist the impulse to make changes to existing functions and methods. This article explains discusses API versioning and some suggestions we have for anyone thinking of adding an API to their product.

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REST vs. SOAP What did we Choose?

These days APIs are all the rage, with any application or web site worth its salt providing an API, usually using SOAP (more likely nowadays) or REST as the possible option. Well we've had a SOAP API available in Spira since 2008 and recently we announced the introduction of a complete REST API as well. So what does this mean for the future of Spira and why did we choose to add a REST API? (Read More)

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