Spira Released - REST Web Services and High Priority Enhancements

12-Mar-2015 by Inflectra Product News

We are pleased to announce the latest updates to our SpiraTeam, SpiraTest and SpiraPlan applications. These updates are available for our on-premise customers and will be applied to our hosted customers automatically. The latest update includes many requested enhancements including full implementation of the REST API, the ability to split tasks, and the ability to link existing incidents to the currently executing test case.

SpiraTest, SpiraPlan, SpiraTeam v4.2.0.6

Release Notes

  • ~ Updates to the German language resource files (thanks to PTA GmbH)
  • + Test step history changes added to test case detailed reports
  • + Dialog box added to manual test execution screens to allow linking of a test run to an existing incident
  • + Ability to easily split a task into two sub-tasks (linked to the same requirement if applicable)
  • + Resource details page can now be filtered by release (same as resource list page)
  • + ARIA accessibility meta-data added to user interface to simplify automated testing and for Section 508 compliance
  • + Project Group dashboard enhanced with new build status widget that shows builds for all projects in the group
  • ! Fixed bug on task list page when Release column is hidden and you try to edit a row
  • ~ The panels for logging a new incident and viewing existing incidents separated on the test execution pages
  • + Filter buttons added to resource detail page
  • ~ Test step IDs added to test step tooltips displayed during test execution
  • + REST web services API fully implemented