Feature Request - prevent erroneous running of complete test set

Wednesday, March 22, 2023


I would like to request a minor change to the screen shown when an individual test set is selected – the screen that shows a summary at the top and the test cases lower down. A number of times, I have had testers attempt to re-run a small number of tests within a set (ones that had failed but have since been remediated), but they have got it wrong by clicking the wrong button.

At the moment, if I select NO test cases and click the “Execute Tests” button (that is immediately above the test cases, I get a message telling me I need to select some.

However, if I select a number of test cases and then erroneously click the “Execute” button at the TOP of the screen (typically because the lower button has scrolled out of view), I end up running all tests.

I would like to request that if the TOP “Execute” button is clicked when one or more individual test cases are selected, a suitable warning / error is shown – maybe along the lines of “You cannot execute the complete test set whilst individual test cases are selected”.



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