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Saturday, September 15, 2012
According to the Manual. It is recommended that once the Incident is logged and synced with JIRA, that the incident not be modified in Spiratest. 

If thats the case , how do you propose that the tester close the incident once its retested. According to the process i had in mind. once the defect is logged in Spira test and synced with JIRa. The developers would deal with till the point they assign it back to the tester. At which point the tester will retest and close the defect in Spira test. 

Do you forsee any issues with this workflow?

Also to integrate JIRa and Spiratest. Do we need to purchase access for all users in both to have the user mapping ?

The model i had in mind was to purchase Spira test for only the QA team and they would log defect that will be synced with JIRA. So we purchase JIRA for the number of developers and not the testers. Would this be possible or we would need to purchase the total amount of user licenses for both achieve user mapping?

I thought that we could just list the usernames in Spira for the developers and then the testers could assign it to the appropriate developer. 
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Monday, September 17, 2012
re: amalik Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hi Ammar

The synchronization only updates the incidents/issues in the direction JIRA > SpiraTest. For newly logged incidents/issues, the information can flow in either direction.

Therefore the recommended process is to have the tester close the issue in JIRA once they have completed the retest. Then the change will flow into SpiraTest on the synchronozation run. If you change the status of the incident directly in SpiraTest it will be overwritten by subsequent changes made in JIRA.

Data mapping is independent of the number of licenses so you only need to purchase enough licenses in SpiraTest for the QA team to login. This works because SpiraTest is licensed by number of concurrent users not number of total users.



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