Does the Eggplant integration allow on-demand script execution?

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

The announcement of the Eggplant/Spiratest integration talks about scheduled executions that update Spiratest records. Looking at the test case UI, I don't see any way of specifying an Eggplant test to associate to the test case. Is it possible to specify Eggplant tests on the Spiratest test case and execute them on demand?

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Tuesday, January 10, 2023
re: MHicks Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Yes, you do that in the Test Case 'Automation' section:

  • Filename: This needs to consist of the following sections separated by a pipe (|) character:

    • The full path to the Eggplant command-line runner tool. To make this easier across different machines, you can use several constants for standard Windows locations:

      • [MyDocuments]: The user's "My Documents" folder
      • [CommonDocuments]: The Public Document's folder
      • [DesktopDirectory]: The user's Desktop folder
      • [ProgramFiles]: Translated to the Program Files directory. For 64-bit machines, it's the 64-bit directory
      • [ProgramFilesX86]: Translated to the 32-bit Program Files directory
    • The Eggplant Client Secret number and the Eggplant Client Id, separated by a comma (,)

    • The Eggplant instance URL to connect in
    • The Eggplant Test Configuration ID number to associate with this Spira Test Case

    • An example of filename would be: C:\Users\eggplant-runner-Windows-6.1.2-1.exe|umthdbvwiuy76bXStxzL,32584136987||15d0d5e8-c3frt-8541-v5t9-d423760925f2

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