Unable to Execute my automated Test scripts of Rapise with Spira Team

Monday, January 9, 2017
H All,

I have follows all the instruction written in 'Using Rapise with SpiraTest Guide.pdf' but still unable to execute the test scripts with Spira Team.

Steps Followed:
1) Connect with Spira Team server
2) Create the New Teat in SpiraTeam.
3) Record the steps
4) Play them to verify whether scripts is successfully run.
5) Create Manual steps for Scripts.
6) Click on Save to Spira
7) Script is successfully save to Spira Team
8) Login ti Spira Team and Create new test set with setting as type: Automated, Host: My sytstem_name, etc.
9) Add testcase to Testset.
10) Add Automated Host with my current system details.
11) Click on execute button.
12) select browser and OS.
13) Click on next
14) It displays manual steps and no results for my automation scripts eithier on current page or Test RUN.

Please help me to run my automation scripts and correct me if i am doing something wrong


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Monday, January 9, 2017
re: Meenu Monday, January 9, 2017
Hi Meenu

To execute the automated test, you normally don't need to click the 'Execute' button, you just schedule the test set to run:
  • Type = Automated
  • Status = Not Started
  • Planned Date = date you want them to run (set to current date/time) for now
  • Automation Host = name of machine to run them on
Then it will be automatically executed by RapiseLauncher. Does that work for you?



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