How to generate a report showing all, or selected resources across all or specific projects.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I see somebody else asked this question before and Adam replied to it but I still need more help because I'm afraid I do not know the database table names, entities, etc. and it seems that I may need to add more fields to the report section to be able to get the results I'm ambitioning.

My Idea is to see how many projects are assign to a specific person based on a release and progress.  Is there a way to choose different progress status at the same time from the progress drop-down list? and also is there a way to add customized options to the progress drop-down list?

Here is the answer Adam provided to the other customer. 

"1) You can create a custom report (in Administration > Edit Reports) and add a custom section. In that custom section add a query against the R_ProjectReleaseResources entity and that will let you report on resources."

Lina Betancourth

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013
re: lbetancourth Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Hi Lina

You would need to use the R_ProjectReleaseResources entity, and/or you can join other tables/entities to that using SQL Joins to get additional columns. Without knowing exactly what you're looking to achieve, I cannot give the exact SQL. If you can list out the columns you need I can see what might be possible. Also in terms of the other questions, there is not a way to add additional customized options to the progress drop-down, and that dropdown is not currently multi-selectable.

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