Document table not available??

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Use case:

We'd like to make documentation based on Spira data, which we (for the time being) store in Sharepoint. 

Currently, we create a document using Word and our QA templates, and copy-paste the bulk of the content from a custom Spira report for each new version. 

While this works, it's not the best user experience...

Problem: We have document content that does not fit neatly into Requirements, Risks, Test Cases, etc.... (for example, Introduction, Review History, Terms and Abbreviations, etc.) However, this content can vary depending on the doc type, version, and product, so we cannot hardcode it in the Spira template.  The front page, TOC etc. is not really a problem for now since that can be coded into the template.

Our solution: We use the Spira Documents artifacts. For each document, we add a Link Document artifact (linking to the actual document in Sharepoint), and add some metadata. We use the Description field for that document for Introduction, terms, history, etc...) This content belongs to the document, not to the underlying requirements, test cases, etc. so it logically fits.

Then for each Spira template, we add a 'Doc Intro' section that matches Product + DocType (from the Spira Document Types we configured) and retrieve the Description so it can be inserted in front of the bulk content. This way, everything can be maintained in Spira, and when generating a report, we can produce a complete document with proper layout and all content accounted for.

Only.... when creating a Custom Section....there is no SpiraTestEntities_R_Documents? There is DocumentTypes and DocumentStatuses, but no Documents? Is that table named differently, or is this just a bug I found? It seems very silly to omit this table since you do have Types and Statuses available for Documents. 

How can I get to the Documents table? I'm using SpiraPlan


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Tuesday, May 25, 2021
re: dl.pie Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Ok I just found out I should have looked for Attachments.... Since a document in no way needs to be attached to something , the name doesn't really make sense, bit I guess there is some legacy reason for this....


Wednesday, May 26, 2021
re: dl.pie Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Glad you found it. It is called R_Attachments and R_AttachmentVersions for historical reasons!



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