What are best practices for testing processes in ERP environment

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We have started using SpiraTest as test tool for our ERP upgrade activities. As part of the testing we also execute Integration test where we track a specific transaction through the different stages (e.g. submit purchase orde fro supplier, register material receipt for this Purchase Order, enter payables invoice, match invoice to the receipt, pay invoice).

One way to put this in SpiraTest is to define a Test Set, where the Test Set represents the complete process. Then we assign individual Test Cases to this Test Set, where each test cases represents a specific process step (e.g. Create Purchase Order), and optionally weassign these test cases to different individuals/roles so the process can flow from Procurement to Materials to Finance.

Are there may be other ways for configuring these process tests that somebody came accross in their test environment?


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Tuesday, February 23, 2016
re: verharm Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Hi Marcel

The design of the Test Sets module was influenced by the need to do ERP testing. Many years ago a customer in the USA was testing an ERP upgrade and needed a way to have a single data record (a purchase request > purchase order, etc.) move through a scenario with different testers performing roles (person A creates the PR, person B approves the PR and it becomes a PO, person C receives the invoice, etc.).

To address this need we added a Owner field to the individual test cases in the test set to allow for this possibility.


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