Best way to group multiple test case of applications into different areas?

Monday, July 16, 2018

I have a 60 applications to test a few are big, that I can split it to a separate project into SpiraTest, but many are not so big and all of them are in one huge "bag".

I split those application in to different areas they are related to:

Area 1

-app A

-app B

Area 2

-app C

-app B

Area 3

-app D

but sometimes "app B" are related with "Area 2" as well (it will be a bit different requirements) but my question is to how the single Tester (person who will do the test, which does not have experience with SpiraTest before and have to know which requirements/test cases should he test ? by using simple filter by "owner" it wan't work... maybe group it into Test Set, that all test Case related to "app 2" will be in one Test Set ? but then I will have  20 Test Sets only with application and another general tests like login or something, it will be confusing.

Any suggestions ?



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Thursday, July 19, 2018
re: AleksandraM Monday, July 16, 2018

Hi Aleksandra,

Normally for this situation we'd recommend just having a single Test Set per tester.

Then they go through the My Page, see their assigned Test Set and can execute it in the prescribed order.

You can group test sets by folder if you want (as a manager) to have them grouped differently.



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