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Thursday, August 6, 2015
I have a question regarding parallel project development. Is there a way to have different versions of a test case? For instance have 4 versions of the same test case that's used for Projects or Test Sets, without duplicating/copying test cases to change 1 item with the test case (like a test step)? Another example is we would have v1 test case be our base test case. Changes to that base test case would then create a v2, then v3, v4, etc. Each version would associate or map to a different project. Thanks.
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Sunday, August 16, 2015
re: East Thursday, August 6, 2015
Hi Brandon

In the current version this is possible by using the Tools > Export option to copy a test case between projects, however at that point any changes to the original test case won't update the copied/exported one.

We are looking at adding cross-project usage of test cases in v5.0 and baselining of test cases in a future (post v5.0) release.

If you have more questions, I'd suggest logging a help desk ticket with more information.


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