Migrating Test Cases is giving me errors and test cases were imported out of order and in the wrong location

Monday, November 2, 2015
We're exporting test cases from a SpiraTeam project on one server to a SpiraTeam on another server. For some reason when we exported the test cases to Excel it added blank test case rows to the document causing the import to the new SpiraTeam to throw an error. I have to manually go in every time this happens and delete the row in Excel and start the import over. Also, once the import was complete, we're noticing test case files are in the wrong locations and not indented properly. Files are showing test case counts that are incorrect. For instance, one file shows 202 test cases but when I open the file there are only 10.  Anyone have a way to deal with this or am I stuck having to manually fix this import?
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015
re: ryanweiss Monday, November 2, 2015
Hi Ryan,

One thing that might help you is to correct the test case hierarchy in SpiraTeam after doing the upload from Excel. (Administration -> Projects -> Data Tools)

When you upload from Excel, the test cases should always end up in the same order as they were in the spreadsheet. Each time you upload a batch of test cases, it should always be added after the test cases that were already in SpiraTeam. If you want us to help troubleshoot it, please log a Help Desk ticket with all the details.

About the extra blank rows appearing, I haven't heard of that happening before, so again, log a ticket and we can investigate it.

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