Dependant (aka: Cascading) Lists

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Has SpiraTest added support for cascading (aka: dependant) lists. That is, based on the value I select within the parent list for an INDICENT (eg: Parent List = Incident_Type), the subsequent list of selectable options for the Child List (eg: Incident_Category) is filtered to only the relevant values.


I create a CUSTOM LIST titled: Incident_Type that contains the following values:

  • Requirement
  • Core Code
  • Devices


I then create a separate set of CUSTOM LISTS representing each of the sub-categories as per the following:


If Incident_Type selected =  REQUIREMENT

Then the Incident_Category(s) selectable =

  • Requirement Missed
  • Requirement Incorrect
  • Requirement Incomplete


If Incident_Type selected =  CORE CODE

Then the Incident_Category(s) selectable =

  • Home Page
  • Login Page
  • Booking Page
  • Accounts Page


If Incident_Type selected =  DEVICES

Then the Incident_Category(s) selectable =

  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • iPAD


Searching your knowledge-base, I have found the following earlier requests for this feature:

  • TH1172 (2015)
  • TH613 (2013)
  • TH612 (2013)


I am hoping this function may have been made available now, as it is a common feature sought for classifying defects by TYPE/CATEGORY. I am aware that you provide the ability to define the Incident Type, but this is not what I am seeking, as it then progresses to defining workflows. I am specifically seeking the ability to create one (or more) dependant lists.

Cheers Doug

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Saturday, October 21, 2017
re: Doug Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hi Doug

We added tables in the database in v5.0 with the plan to add the support in v5.x.

It has not been added in v5.3, but it is slated for v5.4.



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