Reports: display of HTML code of attached file's description in generated reports instead of the to be displayed text

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hi Adam,
it seems to me there is a small "bug" in the display when generating reports (here specifically I mean the report "Printable Test Scripts") in case somebody enters at "Planning => Documents => Document Details" HTML formatted text in the field "Description".
Whenever you use well-formatted, masked HTML characters (e.g. &lt; for < or &gt; for >) in the field "Description" they will be displayed correctly when being in the "Document Details" view.
Unfortunately when you create a report "Printable Test Scripts" where this document is linked to the file attached containing above description gets confused and the HTML code is been displayed. This occurs both for pdf and html reports.
Could U pls advise how to fix this or in case I am right could U pls put this on your enhancement list? :-)

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Thursday, September 5, 2013
re: wirth Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Requirements  |  Releases  |  Documents > Document Details (here the version comments added = description):

SpiraTest created well-formatted HTML out of it (so in theory pdf and html report should work):
Expected Result (contains sample data) for reda.014 (Party Creation Request). It contains corrections for the tags &lt;ApplFrom&gt;&lt;Id&gt;, &lt;ApplFrom&gt;&lt;OtherId&gt;, &lt;ApplTo&gt;&lt;Id&gt;, &lt;ApplTo&gt;&lt;OtherId&gt; and the short version of &lt;tag/&gt; for cases a &lt;tag&gt; contains no value.

The HTML report result:

The PDF report result:

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