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How to get AWS Secret from Rapise

Learn how to query AWS Secret from Rapise.


Requires Rapise 6.7+

Uninstalling Legacy ESET Antivirus Products on AWS EC2 Instances

If you are using older ESET Antivirus products (e.g. v6.x) on Amazon Web Services (EC2) Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Windows instances (which we use for Spira and KronoDesk) you may not be able to easily upgrade to the latest version of ESET 7.x because ESET 6.5 will block its own un-installation. We have a solution that worked for us that we'd like to share.

How to Use Rapise Cloud on AWS

With our Rapise cloud edition, you can take your automated software testing to the cloud. With  Rapise cloud edition you can start testing immediately, no hardware or test lab needed, just sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and rent our Rapise cloud AMIs on-demand, with no minimum usage and no annoying monthly or annual fees, just pay for what you use.