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Importing from DOORS, Should I use importer or ReqIF File?

A prospective customer asked us to elaborate on the pros and cons of importing into SpiraTeam using either ReqIF or the DOORS importer plug-in?

Enabling Trace Logging on Sparx Enterprise Architect Importer

When you run the Sparx Enterprise Architect (EA) importer it should import requirements from Sparx EA into Spira (SpiraTest, SpiraTeam or SpiraPlan). If that doesn't happen then you may need to enable trace logging to see what's going on.

How Do I Import From Excel 2010+ into SpiraTeam v4.x
We recently announced the release of an updated MS-Office plugin for Spira v5.0 that makes use of the new API in Spira 5.0. However some customers still need the older MS-Office 2010+ plugin for older versions of Spira (v4.x).