Enhancement Request: "go to" button in left-side list and "path" on the edit form

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
For those of us who use a hierarchy  of requirements and releases/iterations, the location of a specific artifact in its hierarchy can be very difficult to ascertain when we're on the artifact's edit page.

To make it easier to see an artifact's context, please add a "go to" button for the left-side list.  The button should filter the list so that the list will only display the artifact and its siblings in the hierarchy, its parent and its parent's siblings, its grandparent and its siblings, etc.

Also, above the artifact name in the edit form, please add a "Path" field.  It would display the artifact's parent's name, grandparent's name, etc.  

As you may have noticed, the "path" portion of this enhancement request is similar to a previous enhancement request that I made.  However, that request was about including the path for items on an artifact's associations tab, while this "path" request is about having an artifact's path show up above its name or title (which is above all the tabs).
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Friday, February 13, 2015
re: jfreed Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Hi Jon

On the left hand size navigation list there is the option to display the current list page and the current list page as if no filters were applied. It should also highlight the current item as well in that list. Is that not the same thing?

Thursday, February 26, 2015
re: inflectra.sarahx Friday, February 13, 2015
Not the same thing.  The left-hand-side navigation list's functionality to display the "Current Filter" does not provide the functionality I am requesting.  Here is an example to better demonstrate the difference.

The following requirement hierarchy has 9 line items.  Let's say you have this displayed in the main list page.

  • A
    • A.1
    • A.2
  • B
    • B.1
    • B.2
    • B.3
      • B.3.a
      • B.3.b
Then, you click on "B.2" to view its detail edit page.  On that edit page, the left-hand-side navigation list will display the same 9 line items with the display "Current Filter" function.  However, what I would like is a "Go To" button that will change that left-hand-side navigation list to the following:

    • A
    • B
      • B.1
      • B.2
      • B.3
So, as you can see, the only line items being displayed now in the navigation list are the current item ("B.2"), its siblings, its parent and its siblings, etc.  What isn't being displayed are cousins. 
    This list display is much cleaner.  It's much easier for user, while on the edit page for B.2, to see the context of B.2.

    Okay, it's not enormously easier, but that's just because there aren't very many line items in this example.  If I were to show you our requirement hierarchy, you could better see why we don't want cousins to be displayed.  Thanks for listening!

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