Enhancement Request: Please improve drag and drop for reordering items

Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Having the ability to reorder items like requirements through drag-and-drop in the user interface is great.

However, the user interface seems to be really finicky about the functionality.  Would you improve it, please?  

Here are challenges that we have frequently encountered:
  1. Very often we will drag and drop something and SpiraTeam won't even pick up on the change.  (It won't pop up the "Loading" message box and it won't change the order as desired.)  This seems to happen because the drop areas seem to be way too small.  They seem to be too easy to miss if you move the mouse just before or while you let the mouse button back up.
  2. Occasionally, SpiraTeam will seem to pick up on the change (it will pop up the "Loading" message box) but then the order does not actually change, even if we press the "Refresh" button.  This is bizarre but it does happen.
  3. Rarely, but far too often, when we do a drag-and-drop operation then SpiraTeam will indent or otherwise move an item that we did not even want to have moved.  (The item it changed was not the item we were dragging and dropping.)  This makes no sense at all and we haven't been able to figure out why it happens.
FYI, we're using the latest version of Google Chrome.

  1. It might be good if the drag-and-drop would not work (it would pop up an error message) if multiple items are selected (checked) and they are either not consecutive or they are not all at the same level.  I'm suggesting this because it might make the functionality a little bit more predictable for the end user.  It might help prevent users from inadvertently dragging-and-dropping more items than they meant to drag-and-drop.
  2. It would be great if there was an undo button for drag-and-drop reordering along with a good visual indication to the user that they just did a drag-and-drop reorder action.  This functionality would help prevent what has happened to us.  Specifically, we have occasionally lost items when they were inadvertently dragged-and-dropped somewhere within our tree of items.  
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Friday, September 5, 2014
re: jfreed Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Another request:   Include reordering in the changes that are logged and that can be reverted through the screen at Administration > Project History Changes.  This would really help us find items that have been inadvertently dragged-and-dropped.

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