Missing test case ID in the Test Run and Tracking overview

Monday, October 20, 2014
my name is Christoph, I'm working as Test Manager and we use SpiraTest for testing.
I have some problems with SpiraTest, there are not really failure, but rather missing functionality. I don't mean features, because I think it should be a standard for each Testtool.

Specifically, I mean the following scenario:
In the Test Run- and Tracking Overview (list) I'm missing the Tetst Case Id, so the source of the error. The Test Run ID is nice, but I can't delagate them to the tester and tell him please retest the Bug with the test run #. He need from me the Test Case, the relation from Test Case to Test Run is also 1:n. This is the reason why I don't understand why the Test Case ist not automatically writed in the issue.
I know, a function for later Add the connection to Test Case is available, but only for the Test Step?! (doesn't work with linked Test Steps).

At the moment I have to used new declared fields, and manual copy the ID. But it ist not realy good solution.

Best Regards
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Friday, October 24, 2014
re: christophw Monday, October 20, 2014
Hi Christoph

  1. If you give the tester the Incident ID (e.g. IN:45) if that incident was generated during a test run, inside the Associations tab for the defect/incident will be a link to the original test run (TR), this gives the tester the exact steps that the original tester took to reproduce. There is also a link back to the original test case (TC) from this page if they need to re-execute the test.

  2. If you give the tester the Test Run ID (e.g. TR:23), the test run details page gives the tester the exact steps that the original tester took to reproduce. There is also a link back to the original test case (TC) from this page if they need to re-execute the test.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
re: inflectra.sarahx Friday, October 24, 2014

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the feedback.
What you write, I know, only I do not think that a good solution.

The tools that I have to link the test case with the error in the position to know are here. In addition I know several colleagues who also need the link between test case and error.

I contend that it is not possible for larger projects, individually evaluate each test run by the test run steps and schedule their execution, forget it!
In addition, you have no way to start the test tun again? This is for me then another weak point in your testing process.
We're not talking five minutes of test cases, but over which the. For several hours and perhaps even days The planning of the retest is very important because it binds so many resources.

A further reason for the linkage of test case in the bug is that it can produce several bug a test case. This permits its software, it is possible to carry out the test steps in parellel. So I wait with the execution of the retests until all Fixed a bug with the test case.
The link is one thing, but Spira test should display this information in the location in a list as an overview.

Why are you against the linkage of test cases with the error? I just do not understand. It would make your software a bit smarter :)


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