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Thursday, July 6, 2017



I have just signed up for an account with SpiraTest.


There are a few things that could be improved with regard to the SignUp process:


1) An explanation of the price 


On the Purchase Page, when you choose the one-user version of SpiraTest, you are shown the box inserted below:



Now, call me unimaginative... but the arithmetic that I was taught does not treat 5.00 as equivalent to 5.99.   In my world, those two numbers are different ...

Now, probably the reason that $5.00 per user per month somehow ends up costing $5.99 per month has something to do with tax  (although the fine print reckons that the prices exclude tax).


So, could you please take me step-by-step through the calculation that converts a price of $5.00 per month into $5.99 per month.



2) The address fields


When you sign up, you need to fill in an address.

The delivery address for the office where I am located does not start with a number, it starts with a name.  However, if I put something into the address field that does not start with a number, the webpage rejects this as an invalid address .......  Personally, I think that any attempt to apply simple validation rules like 'must start with a number" to address entry fields is doomed to failure. The simple fact is that a lot of addresses in this world do not start with a number.  You just need to have to let go of trying to validate addresses in this way.


3) The "Name" field for Credit Card details is fixed, and cannot be changed..


I was signing up the account in the name of one of my employees, but want to pay for it with my Credit card.  So, I entered the employee's name as the name in the account details.  Then, when I came to enter the Credit Card details, the "Name on Card" field was already filled in with the the Employee's name, with no option to edit it.


Surely it is not that unusual for the name of the credit card used to pay for an account to be different the name of the account user? Often enough, the name on the Credit Card might be a company name, not an individual person's name...


By all means, do be user-friendly by pre-populating the "Name on Card" field with the Account user name, that is fine. BUT, please do not make the field non-editable, thereby preventing the changing  of this name in the case where the credit card  happens not to be in the same name as the account user...


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Thursday, July 6, 2017
re: Rik Walker Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hi Rik

Thanks for the feedback:

  1. We recently changed the purchase page to display the price "per user" instead of the total price for all users. There was an issue with the rounding, which we have now fixed, so thanks for reporting it.
  2. When you sign up for a trial, that name and address is the one used for the account and is the billing address by default. You can change the addresses and have a separate billing/shipping address, but it needs to be done before clicking the Upgrade (from trial) option. Sorry for any confusion.



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