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Using SubQuery (nested SELECT) in ESQL

You’ve probably encountered cases where it looks like you need another SELECT statement inside your main statement.
Is it possible to use nested SELECTs in ESQL? 
Yes, it’s possible!
In this article, we’ll explain the nested query (SELECT) and how to use it efficiently.

Create a report to display all artifacts across the system owned by a specific person

You may want to extract all the artifacts that have a specific person is assigned across all products, to see their current work. 
This article provides an example of such a report.

Connecting to PostgreSQL from Rapise

If you need to connect Database object to PostgreSQL database follow these simple steps.

Creating a Custom Spira Report for Comparing Test Results
A customer asked us the following question:  "I run an automated test suite consisting of the same 250 tests every night. I'd like to be able to run a report in the morning that shows me the tests that failed, but had passed the previous night. How can I accomplish this using the reporting mechanism ??"