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Date Compare in ESQL Query
Im trying to do a date comparison in my custom query so that I can create a report that always repo...
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Add a new column in the requirements area
I want to add a new column in the requirements area to track progress of the test case status as th...
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Test case custom properties in xml reporting or test case xml response via the REST API
Hello All, I've created custom test case properties, included the test case(s) in a Test Set, exe...
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Exporting Incident Change History to Excel
We had the following request from a customer: Id like to export the Incident Change History to Ex...
Custom Fields in Incidents are not saving Values
Hello, On the Incidents Page, i have Custom Text Field as Fixed in Release. After entering the Val...
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Incident - How Many Times In A Status
All My report writing skills within SpiraTest are sadly not the strongest. If I had DB access ...
export test cases from an excel file -customized field
I need to have a customized field for the test pre-condition and I need to have a formatted field...
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SpiraTeam 5 Custom Properties Artefact Type Test Step is not available during execution
Hi We configured custom properties on the artefact type "Test step". The fields are properly...
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Custom Report Query to Find Tasks Linked to Deleted Requirements
We had a customer that was looking for a custom report to find all of the Tasks in SpiraTeam that a...
Report on the Document Type used by Test Case Automation Scripts
A customer asked: I need to create a custom graph that shows the amount of test cases per docume...
Custom Values and Lookups cannot be Imported or Exported to Excel
I cannot Import/Export Custom Values or Lookups using the MS Excel add-in because neither appear...
Report Displaying Projects, Project Groups and Releases
We had a request from a customer looking for a custom report with the following information: We ...
Custom Reporting Resources
We have had a request by Dave F (thanks Dave!) to create a new forum where users can share custo...
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List of reportable entities in SpiraTeam 4.1
Is there a new list of reportable entities for SpiraTeam 4.1? We have custom reports which span mu...
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Can I change views in SpiraTest?
I added a custom field on the test case details view "preconditions", so I can fill in the precond...
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