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Using a Custom Report to Find Test Cases Not in a Test Set

We had a customer ask us how they could find all the test cases that are NOT part of a specific test set. Now there is unfortunately not a way to do it directly in the Spira UI. However that is where the handy custom reporting functionality comes in!

Best Practices for using Test Sets in Spira

Customers often have questions about the best way to use test sets in SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and/or SpiraPlan. In this article we cover some of the most common ways that test sets are used in projects.

Custom Report of Test Sets, Test Cases, Test Runs by Folder and Release

We had a customer looking for a consolidated report of the test sets and their test cases, grouped by release and test set folder. The report needed to have the individual test case instances in the test set along with the associated test runs.

Creating a Set of Tests to Run in Rapise

This guide describes how you manage groups of Rapise tests together in situations where you are not  using SpiraTest test sets.

Modifying the Test Set Summary Report to Exclude Folders

When you run the Test Set Summary Report and filter by a specific test set or a very narrow filter, you will often see the matching test sets and all of the folders in the product. This article explains how you can modify the report to exclude the folders from the output.

Using the Spira REST API to Remove Test Cases from a Test Set

We had a customer that was looking for a more automated way to remove test cases from a test set. The good news is that our REST API makes this easy.

When executing a test set with a configuration, an error occurs.

This article explains what to do if you are attempting to execute a test set and get this error message: "There are no test runs in this pending set to be resumed." 

Test Set Execution Status Not Updating When I Run Test Cases

Sometimes customers will contact us regarding questions as to why the execution status indicator of their test sets is not being updated (i.e. everything still looks as not run) even after running some of the test cases. This article explains why this might be the case and provides solutions.

Setting up a test scenario in which different steps need to be performed by different people

Sometimes you want to test a process which requires a handoff between departments and would involve different testers to complete the full range of functionality. This article describes how to set that up, using a test set.

How the Test Set Execution Status is Calculated in Spira 5.0+

One of the limitations in SpiraTest and SpiraTeam v4.x was that for performance reasons we could not handle test sets with very large numbers of test cases and that the system was not able to display the counts of the test cases and the execution status for test set folders.

Best Practices for Test Folders and Test Sets
Several customers have asked us for recommendations and best practices for how to organize their test cases / folders and test sets / folders. This article provides some suggestions.