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Test set page and Test Case list page suggestions/wishes
Hi. I send you a couple of wishes that have originated from many hours work in SpiraTeam. Ther...
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Imported Test Sets dont show linked Test Cases
Imported Test Sets using the office addin and the Excel template and then assigned test cases...
Missing test case ID in the Test Run and Tracking overview
Hi, my name is Christoph, I'm working as Test Manager and we use SpiraTest for testing. I have ...
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Export testcases from excel to Spirateam
Hi, I have downloaded both Spirateam excel template and the corresponding excel addin to upload...
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Reporting Testcase History including Teststep modificaions
In the SpiraTeam (V4.2) you can see in the History Tab of a test case not only the modifications to ...
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export test cases from an excel file -customized field
I need to have a customized field for the test pre-condition and I need to have a formatted field...
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Is it possible to increase the size of text boxes for the test case execution screen?
For the testing we do we use a lot of screenshots to direct the testers to the right function ...
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Error message when executing a test case : A system error has occurred... Please click on the 'My Page' link to return to the application
We are using Spiratest v4.0 (003). When trying to execute a test case, we are getting the followin...
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Exporting test cases to Excel
Hi, Is it possible to export only the currently filtered test cases to Excel file instead of...
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Report on the Document Type used by Test Case Automation Scripts
A customer asked: I need to create a custom graph that shows the amount of test cases per docume...
Report of Test Cases with open Incidents
How can I get a report of all Test Cases that are connected to open Incidents? ...
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Test case execution always removes the Owner and changes the last updated column
We observed during our test case execution, that each execution update the test case as well. The ...
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Restrict the scope of a report to a Test Set or Test Case Folder
We have thousands of test cases in Spira, but want to create a Printable Test Scripts Report for...
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Need shortcut to insert link to a test cases
Hi, I have difficulty in inserting a same link to the multiple test cases. Please let me know if...
Unable to see the test cases under the expanded test case folder
Hi Team, I am using spira test for the test management. whenever I tried to expand the collapse...
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