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Instructions on what needs to be enabled in JIRA 6.3 for Spira Team data synchrionzation to work
Hello I have followed all the instructions in the integration guide on Spira Team - JI...
TFS Data Synchronization Errors
I am running TFS 2012 and SpiraTeam 4. I have downloaded the correct plug-in and corrected the IIS...
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Syncrhonizing requirements in different SpiraTeam projects
Hi Team, I would like to know a way to automatically synchronize requirements among different proje...
New Spira - Jira plugin announced 27-Feb-2017.
Hi I read the article about the New Spira - J...
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Incidents not migrating over to TFS
For 5 days now have had issues with one product not migrating over incidents to to TFS. I see unha...
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Jira Data Synchronization Configuration Helper for Spira
There seems to be an issue with the API call from the Jira Data Synchronization Configuration Helpe...
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