What Is Inflectra Up To @ QAGeekWeek 2018 in Israel

May 24th, 2018 by inflectra

Every year, as June nears, we look forward to catching up with our friends and colleague in software testing and DevOps communities of Israel during a week-long tech-fest known as DevGeekWeek. Much like in 2017, #teamInflectra will support DevGeekWeek 2018 and the 2nd Israel Software Testing Cup (ISTC) this year. 

ISTC 2018 - June 18, 2018

The 2nd Israel Software Testing Cup follows in the footsteps of Software Testing World Cup (also Inflectra's own Social Testing (TM) Competition) and brings together software testers from all over Israel. Software testers get together to compete in two-tier contest to identifying bugs and issues in a software.

In 2018, the ISTC preliminaries - first tier event - were held online on April 27, 2018 and gathered 24 teams who reported 425 issues. ISTC2018 used Inflectra's award-winning SpiraPlan platform to track and report bugs and issues found in the software under test (SUT) during the competition. Spira platform has been a trusted software test management tool for the ISTC event organizer and software testing queen - Anna Luckovsky for a number of years now. 

ISTC2018 Finals (second tier) are taking place on June 18 as part of QAGeekWeek2018. The winners will receive high value prizes. Inflectra will add its own prizes to the awards listed on the event website. 


Inflectra at QAGeekWeek 2018

DevGeekWeek/QAGeekWeek is a convention that brings together hundreds of software developers and testers. This year the program runs from June 17 to 21 and offers some 75 seminars led by over 50 speakers. 

At DevGeekWeek you can hear Inflectra's talks within a number of tracks:


Monday, June 18, 2018

1. Inflectra's Director of Technology - Adam Sandman will talk about The Role of Exploratory Testing and Bringing This All Together – Profit! within a conference track dedicated to Real Testing Scenario Strategies.

2.  Inflectra's Senior Software Engineer - Alexey Grinevich will talk about Page Object (Selenium) vs Object Repository (Rapise) during a seminar on OpenSource Test Automation Tips & Tricks – Meet the Expert. 


Thursday, 21 June, 2018

Join Inflectra's Senior Software Engineer -  Denis Markovtsev at his talk on Rapise Way to Rapid Web UI Test Automation  in Track on Test Automation – Designs, Trends & Tools

Software engineers at Inflectra have been remaking the company image into that of a thought-leader in the areas of test automation, exploratory testing, and agile test management. Alongside STPCon, the participation in DevGeekWeek has offered us an opportunity to engage with our fellow testers and software engineers on a variety of cutting-edge issues.


Inflectra Daily Raffle @ DevGeekWeek

Last but not least, Inflectra will be hosting a daily Raffle and give away #awesome prizes! Come, check out our booth and enter to win. 

Join the fun and we hope to see you at DevGeekWeek 2018!

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