Webinar Recap: Scream For Scrum or Scream At Scrum: What’s Going On?

March 9th, 2020 by inflectra

On February 7, 2020 Inflectra and Sriram Rajagopalan hosted a live webinar: Scream For Scrum or Scream At Scrum: What’s Going On? 

If you missed the webinar, here is a recap blog to catch you up.


  • Discover management patterns that sow the seeds of Scrum failure
  • Understand the empirical principles of Scrum and its core values
  • Learn about the patterns of failure in Scrum implementation
  • Identify the team-specific patterns for Scrum success.

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Challenges to Adopting Scrum

As organizations adopt the agile approaches to product development and project management, another phenomenon is also worth noting. It is about the understanding of Scrum before implementing it. With so much focus on Agile and Scrum certifications and several years of transforming organizations to Scrum, the basic reason for Scrum’s failure is its inadequate understanding.

Many executives scream for Scrum as the cure-all for all their business challenges. Their zeal focuses only on time-boxing, iteration, and incrementation. While these are important, the failure to have the required processes and adopt technical practices invalidates the empirical pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

As the failure becomes prevalent where iterations do not align with the business value, people question following Agile manifesto and not spending time on processes and tools is failing them. This observation is unfair as the Agile Manifesto didn’t advocate to ignore the processes and tools when placing emphasis on individuals and interactions. Consequently, everyone that screamed for Scrum screams at Scrum.

In order to understand the challenges in effectively adopting and efficiently implementing Scrum, one can’t forget the business value proposition, benefit delivery framework, support of leadership to introduce Scrum and organizational understanding of the Scrum framework and its core values. When these principles are forgotten, we yield to leadership loss, team immaturity, process myopia, and tool bias.

In this webinar, we will review the details behind these reasons, the way they manifest in the organization, and the antidote to solving these challenges.







See you at our next webinar!


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