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Plugins Aplenty Coming to SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan

February 7, 2022

We are very excited about the upcoming release of Spira 7.0 in a few months time. In previous articles we've described some of the new plugins and integrations coming to SpiraTest, SpiraTeam and SpiraPlan in this release. However even more exciting than that is the actual plugin architecture itself. Also known as the Spira Extensibility Framework, our new plugin architecture will let us add new specialized features and extensions much more easily. In addition, the future plans are to open up the plugin architecture to allow technology partners, solution partners, and customers write their own plugins and extensions to further customize Spira to better suit their needs.

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Does Robust Test Data add Value to SpiraTest and Rapise?

July 18, 2018

Would you like to have a realistic, full production-like data set available in your test management suite? Having all the exceptions, pollution and human or system made data entry errors available before an application or release goes life is a major quality assurance advantage. Just read the news and learn about some of the recent IT failures due to data migration or testing without a realistic set of sample data.

Imagine the reduction of the amount of rework when you have a professional test data solution directly available in SpiraTest and in your test and acceptance environments. Moreover, adding realistic automated test data to Rapise would rapidly increase the value & quality of your data-driven automated regression testing.

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Code Smarter: SpiraPlan Now Integrates With Visual Studio Code

June 21, 2018

At Inflectra, we love making tools that make developers’ lives easier. That’s why we have so many extensions for the tools developers use most. We’re really excited to announce our next extension and for our first text editor: Visual Studio Code. This lightweight text editor has surged in popularity over the last few years (including at Inflectra). With the help of our returning intern, Peter, we now have a great extension in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

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Whose Customer Support is it Anyway?

April 14, 2016

When you need multiple tools to get your work done there are multiple points of failure. You want to get stuff done, but what if widget A suddenly stops talking to widget B? Is it because of widget A? Widget B? The plugin that gets them to play nicely together? What do you have to do to get things fixed? Read More